Dam and reservoir repairs

Dams and reservoirs are some of the most important structures on a farm and a leaking dam or reservoir risks compromising crop and cattle welfare, particularly during the dry seasons.

A dam or reservoir will only lose water content in one of two ways, namely natural water evaporation, or seepage leaks into the ground. While preventing water loss through evaporation is a factor that needs to be addressed during the design phase of a dam or reservoir, losing water through a leak is another story altogether. When a dam or reservoir is leaking into the ground, the problem needs to be immediately taken care of.

A leaking dam/reservoir can, in some cases, be repaired using a seal made from clay or a polymer based material. However, poor soil conditions may lead to these solutions being temporary at best. For a more permanent solution, dam liners may be needed.

How can Wilcote Cape Town North help?

At Wilcote Cape Town North, we offer a permanent solution to leaking dams/reservoirs. We do reservoir and dam maintenance, as well as dam repairs and reservoir repairs using liners or seals.

Our solutions are adaptable enough to suit your budget requirements, while at the same time being an effective and long-term solution to your needs.

So, whether you are in need of reservoir or dam repairs, or whether your reservoir or dam just needs some maintenance, Wilcote Cape Town North can help you.

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