Professional solutions in waterproofing, damp proofing, asbestos removal and more

Wilcote Cape Town North offers an exceptional range of building, reservoir and pool maintenance services. We always use the best quality materials when providing our services and because of this, the services we provide do not only offer a long-term solution, it also acts as an investment in your property, keeping in in top shape for years to come.

Our comprehensive list of services include the following:


We offer waterproofing for a wide variety of roof types, including flat roofs. Using various materials, products and systems, we are able to effectively create a waterproof roof that will protect your property from water damage, while at the same time protecting the structural integrity thereof. The methods we use in waterproofing include: various methods of membrane waterproofing, the cementitious method and the bituminous coating method.

Damp proofing

Our damp proofing solutions help prevent moisture from getting into interior spaces and causing damage in the process. Making a building damp proof effectively helps it to resist moisture, preventing damages such as water stains and the deterioration of paint. It also prevents secondary damage to buildings, such as the growth of fungi and mould that may endanger the health of the building’s occupants.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a dangerous naturally occurring silicate mineral that is known for damaging the lungs and causing asbestosis. The team at Wilcote Cape Town North are licenced experts in asbestos removal, and we will safely remove all traces of asbestos from your property. Where needed, we are also able to safely restore asbestos installations such as asbestos ceilings and roof sheets.


Roofing is one of our greatest areas of expertise and we cover all of your roofing needs, such as roof installations, repairs and restorations, using only the finest quality guaranteed products.


The Wilcote Cape Town North team is skilled at both interior and exterior painting. Through our decades of experience, we are able to offer our customers a solution to all of their painting needs. We make use of the best quality environmentally-friendly paints that are free of any potentially harmful substances, ensuring the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

Reservoir repair and restoration

The team at Wilcote Cape Town North offers quality guaranteed dam and reservoir repair and restoration services.

Line marking

Line marking is an important element in managing traffic in any warehouse or factory, and it acts as an important supplement to other forms of warnings and signage.

Line marking becomes particularly important in factories and warehouses where employees work alongside industrial machinery, vehicles (such as forklifts and trucks), etc. where the risk of injury on duty is elevated. Demarcating lines on a factory or warehouse floor can decrease these risks by effectively segregating the movement of workers and vehicles and thus increasing workplace safety.

The control measures line marking makes possible include the following:


• Defining pedestrian routes, the operating areas of load shifting equipment and vehicle routes as separate from one another.

• It improves traffic flow in warehouses and factories, making it easier for pedestrians to walk around safely without having to cross a vehicle’s path.

• It makes organisation easier by marking off specific areas for specific purposes, such as parking for different types of vehicles and delivery depots.

As health and safety regulations often require line markings in a warehouse or factory, it is an important factor to take into consideration when setting up such a building. Wilcote Cape Town North offers such line painting in any building where it is required. Our products ensure long-lasting lines that can withstand being frequently driven and walked over.

Pool repairs

The team at Wilcote Cape Town North also specialises in pool repairs and refurbishment, and we offer the following services:

We apply fibre linings to swimming pools Lining a fibreglass swimming pool can be a tricky process, and when done incorrectly, can lead to unsightly consequences. It is of great importance that fibreglass linings are prepared, mixed and applied correctly in order to be successful. Our team of experts are qualified in preparing, mixing and applying fibreglass linings in the correct manner as to not compromise your pool’s appearance or functionality. We use the best materials to get the job done, taking into consideration all the factors that may influence the successful application of a fibreglass lining, such as weather conditions.

We do marbelite coatings for swimming pools The application of marbelite to swimming pool is a delicate process as marbelite can easily discolour and turn black when not properly applied. We have a team of trained experts at hand that will install a marbelite coating into your pool in the correct manner as to avoid discolouration, while at the same time advising you on the care of your new marbelite pool.

We repair cracks in concrete and cement pools Cracks in cement or concrete pools often develop because of age or physical damage. Our team are experts in the process of effectively repairing cracks in damaged pools, providing for a long-term solution to the maintenance of your pool.



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