What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing in construction refers to the act of making a building waterproof or water-resistant, specifically to water in its liquid form. Making a building or structure waterproof requires the use of various coatings that will protect not only the structural integrity of the building, but also its contents.

Frequently used waterproofing methods


Since most building materials (such as hydrophilic concrete) are not waterproof, certain steps need to be taken in order to make a building or structure waterproof. Conventional waterproofing methods involves the application of what is known in the waterproofing industry as “membranes”. Membranes are manufactured from waterproof plastic, coated-fabric materials or rubber and can be applied to the interior or exterior of a building or structure.

There are three main types of this membrane application method used in waterproofing: Liquid waterproofing membrane, bituminous membrane and polyurethane liquid membrane.

Cementitious method

The cementitious method of making a building waterproof is one of the easiest methods available in waterproofing today. The materials are widely available and are easy to mix and apply. This method is most often used internal wet areas, such as dams, bathrooms, concrete dykes, etc. and is not very resistant to direct sunlight and other elements.

Bituminous coating method

This coating is also commonly called asphalt coating and it is excellent for adding a protective coating to surfaces (especially concrete foundations) that will render them waterproof.

Polyurethane liquid membrane waterproofing

This waterproofing application combines polyurethane resins to create a seamless liquid roof membrane offering reliable protection and superior climate resistance over the long term.

Wilcote Cape Town North offers customers a complete waterproofing solution

Because our team have been waterproofing contractors for so many years, we are seasoned experts in all projects related to making a building or structure waterproof, and we make use of all of the above mentioned methods to ensure your property is protected.

Our services are versatile and cover a wide range of applications such as:


• Flat Roof waterproofing


• Lining of concrete and asbestos box gutters


• Waterproofing of weather facing walls


• Waterproofing of fibre cement, face brick and concrete block surfaces


• Waterproofing of reservoirs, troughs, earth dams etc.

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